The stove:  a centre piece to your kitchen and used often; when they go down it’s french fries and burgers. We can look after this and get you back on track and eating Canada’s national dish: KD.

A couple simple tricks to try before you make a call for your stove / oven repair in the Calgary area.

If the oven door is locked sometimes a simple restart can fix the problem. Remember don’t pry the door open, this will cause more problems than just calling the tech. An element swap in your stove is sometimes a nice simple procedure and sometimes you cant find the element, if you are trying to swap an element make certain that you re attach the wires on the back of the element before you plug you stove back in! if you don’t a new computer will be your next purchase. Stove / Oven Repairs can always be repaired. Call or book online for a tech to fix your stove / oven.

A few things to think about:

• Cooking Temperatures – Cooking temperatures for foods can usually be adjusted up or down by 25° without significantly changing how they cook. So as long as foods are being cooked within a range, they’ll be fine. We normally cook our bread at 450° and our beets at 425°. We just put them all in the oven at 450° and kept a closer eye on the beets.

•Start with the Highest Cooking Temperature First – Ovens heat up fast, but take a long time to cool off. We usually cook things that need the highest temperature first and then turn the oven temperature down in steps for other lower-heat items.

• Plan Ahead – Never is planning meals ahead more worthwhile then in the summer. We actually need those beets for a salad later in the week, but we knew they’d keep for a few days if we made them ahead with the bread. Ditto on the toasted nuts. The cookies we made because we had the dough. Normally we bake them off individually for a fun mid-week dessert, but in the summer, we’d rather bake them ahead of time.

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